Computer Vision gives your system a smart eye

Computer Vision (CV) Technology is a branch of Information Sciences that allows for a computer based system to mimick some of the mechanism of our biological vision system.

Our CV-based system are developed for:

  • Analyzing and Recognizing patterns, faces, text, colors (pattern recognition, learning)
  • Localising and Tracking objects or color patterns on images (tracking)
  • Computing visual pattern's motion or displacement (optical flow, motion capture)
  • Extracting high-level information from images and image sequences (smart movie compression)

e-magine IT Srl also develops new technologies for providing the customer with state-of-the-art, original and efficient products.

Some of the developed technologies are:

  • VIDA (Virtual ImageDAtabase) technique for managing database of large images;
  • Smart Search correlation technique for advanced pattern location and recognition, based on Haussdorf distance;




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