Turn-key Systems and Software Products

e-magine IT Srl projects and developes application-tailored and general software products and turn-key systems. Upon client's request ach product can be further adapted and customised.

Software Products:
  • Privacy Keeper™ A new concept of security-enhanced screen saver based on facial identification.
  • SmartSearch™ Tools for advanced Search on images and movies
  • BioTrack™ Tracking and analysis of video sequences for biology and biophysics.
Turn-Key Systems:
  • LEEDTrack™ Video LEED complete acquisition and elaboration system.

  • BasicLEED™ Video LEED entry level system.

Custom Systems:

  • Light Scan 3D Laser Scan System for object's surface reconstruction and analysis.

Computer Vision Tools:

  • EasyCal™ Camera Calibration Suite for advanced metrology applications.


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